Bullshit and Tyranny

15 Jan

America is caught in a landslide of bullshit and tyranny.  We the people have become “We the sheeple”.  There are a few exceptions, about nine million exceptions to the sheeple rule, but that is only three percent of the American population, while everyone else blows their brains out on award shows, Dancing with the Stars, and ignoring the theft of our natural rights and freedom.  What is it that makes a sheeple? 

Are sheeple created in the public school system where they are indoctrinated into the ways of the Liberati?  Where little girls are taught to be masculine and little boys are taught to become metrosexual pussies (If the word “pussy” or any of its derivatives offend you, then you either have one or are one.  And, if you have one, it probably looks like it would have in 1970)?  Or, are sheeple created by a lack of gravitas, a weakness in their character, that has existed throughout time, hence there only being three percent who ever stand up to tyranny.  To sheeple or not to sheeple….there really isn’t any question, just say no to being a sheeple.

Nature or nurture, it matters not.  We, the three percent, have always saved the day and we shall do so again, or perish trying.  It is who we are, it is what we do.  Although we cannot stop the rapture and the final battle of good and evil, we can postpone it by living per the will of God, and living free.  It is what we owe, our debt to those who have gone before us and done for us as we must do for those who come after us.  Freedom is not a gift that can be taken lightly, it must be honored, cherished and honed to a razors edge, ready to lash out, at any moment, when need be. 

NDAA allows the tyrant in chief to lock us up, with no attorney, no trial, no representation, no habeas corpus, nothing.  Our King, Barack Obama, has decided to ignore the Constitution and Congress.  Congress has decided to ignore the Constitution and Obama.  And, both the Democrats and Republicans shall continue to get in bed with each other, communism and corporate communism, AKA, Obamunism, as they incestuously sodomize lady liberty and the American people.  I know our government is behind me, I’ve felt them there.  I bet you have too…

The question is this:  What are you prepared to do about it?  How far will YOU go to stay free, restore the Republic and stop the runaway tyranny of our government?  Do you have the gravitas to go as all the way?  Will you go as far as is needed?  History will judge us. 

What will history write about you?

Hugo Stiglitz – Freedom Outlaw 

Breaking: Obama/Biden Gun Control Transcript Part 2

11 Jan

This is the second in a series of transcripts, taken from electronic surveillance at the White House, inside the Oval Office.  The recordings are being transcribed high upon a mountain top, deep in the heart of Tibet.  Couriers are then used to bring the transcripts to us for further analysis, which is both time consuming and disgusting, because, with all the restrictions on air travel, there is only one way to ensure the transcripts are safely delivered (ick).  Due to our limited ability to listen in on other parts of the White House, this transcript picks up after President Obama and his puppet, Sheriff Joe Biden return from chugging the Keystone Lite that the White House staff keep filling Obama’s beer making device with, replacing the toxic ooze that Barry the Brewer concocted, unbeknownst to him:

Obama:  Well Skippy, what recommendations do you have for me?

Biden:  Who’s Skippy?

Obama:  You, dumbass.  (mumbling) And, you wonder why I hate white people.

Biden:  Well, why didn’t you just say, “Dumbass”?

Obama:  F**k

Biden:  Not again, my ass still hurts.

Obama:  JOE!  What are the recommendations?

Biden:  Tuna melts.  I love tuna melts and tomato soup on a cold Washington day.  Did I ever tell you…

Obama:  The recommendations on disarming these peasants before they rise up against me!

Biden:  Oh, sorry.  You know how my mind works, always multitasking like a train yard.

Secret Service Agent 1:  (muffled) Like a train wreck.

Obama:  Giggle

Biden:  What?

Obama:  Nothing.  Now, what do you have for me?

Secret Service Agent 2:  (muffled) Alzheimer’s.

Biden:  Nothing.  I didn’t know I was supposed to bring a gift.  Is it Ramadan already?

Obama:  The mother f**king plan to disarm these stupid people before they come for me and you.  Allah damnit!  Focus.    

Biden:  Yes Mullah.  First, we use the Affordable Care Act…

Obama:  What?

Biden:  Obamacare.

Obama:  Oh yeah.

Biden:  We use Obamacare to identify who in America is on anti-depressants and then we issue an Executive Order that says all current gun owners must go to the local police station for a background check, to make their guns legal.

Obama:  How does this help us take these hillbillies guns?

Biden:  I’m getting to that.  Most people will comply, because they’re idiots.

Secret Service Agent 2:  (muffled) Like he’s the benchmark for intelligence.

Biden:  Anyone who is on the list, as having taken or is taking ding biscuits…

Obama:  What?

Biden:  Ding biscuits…that is the medical term for anti-depressants…anyone taking ding biscuits, or having taken them has their guns confiscated, as they share common mental health attributes with the recent shooters.  Also, anyone with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder must turn in their guns, as they too have common factors with the recent shooters.

Obama:  Did the recent shooters have PTSD?

Biden:  No.  But, due to confidentiality of medical records we don’t have to tell them that.  It is a beautiful thing boss.

Obama:  You know Joe, you are a dumb mother f**ker.  But, your stupidity is more than made up for with your weasel like penchant for evil. 

Biden:  I like tater tots!

Obama:  Yes Joe, I know you do.

It was at this point that the transcript cut off.  We will bring you more of this once the next courier arrives.  Until then, remember:  Hugo is free and intends to stay that way.  Join him, live free.

Staff – Hugo Stiglitz Innocence Project


*Due to NDAA we must inform you that this may or may not be completely accurate or something.

Breaking: Obama/Biden Gun Control Transcript

10 Jan

The following is a partial transcript of the electronic listening devices placed in and around the Oval Office, in the Obama White House.  Once completely decoded and transcribed, more will be released.  Be sure to share this with others, do not let our intrepid efforts go to waste.

We take you now to a conversation already in progress:

Biden:  What up homie?

Obama:  It’s Mr. President.

Biden:  Mr. President.

Obama:  Mullah Obama.

Biden:  Mullah Obama, I have the recommendations on gun control.

Obama:  Did you talk to the security detail?  The Secret Service agents are always talking about gun control.

Biden:  Really?

Obama:  Yes, really.  Unlike you Joe, I don’t just make shit up.  I’m a Mullah for Allah’s sake.  Every day I hear them say, “Whenever I’m around him it is all I can do to control my gun”.

Secret Service Agent 1:  (muffled) Like right now.

Obama:  See…he thinks we should do it right now and he hasn’t even heard your proposal.

Secret Service Agent 2:  (muffled) Yes.  Do it.  Right now. 

Obama:  What?

Secret Service Agent 2: We need to take action now Mr. President.

Obama:  It’s Mullah.

Secret Service Agent 2:  Yes Mullah.

Secret Service Agent 2:  (muffled) Do it.  I’ll make it look like they shot each other.  Boehner can’t be as bad as they two ‘tards.

Obama:  What?

Secret Service Agent 1:  Mr. Mullah, he said it will be hard.

Biden:  I get hard for a retard.

Silence for approximately thirty seconds.

Obama:  It is just Mullah, not Mr. Mullah.

Secret Service Agent 2:  Yes Mullah.

Biden:  That was awkward. 

Obama:  Yes, Joe it was.

Biden:  If he keeps calling you Mr. Mullah, we should let him go.

Secret Service Agent 2:  (muffled) Let me go?  You better fear…

Biden:  You are right….we better have beer.

Silence for twenty two seconds.

Obama & Biden:  BEER Summit!

Secret Service Agent 1 & 2:  (muffled)  Not this again.

Stay tuned for further transcripts as we decipher the data and compile it.  Hugo is still on the run.  May he stay free, lest we all perish.

Staff – Hugo Stiglitz Innocence Project


Note:  Our attorney’s & theirs insist we include this statement – This may or may not be completely or partially accurate. 

Gun Control Agenda Leaked

10 Jan

President Obama, the Democrats in office and all of Congress (The House, Senate, Republicans and Democrats) are after your freedom.  Joe Biden’s move to confiscate your guns is being telegraphed poorly.  Biden, Obama and the unions have strong armed Wal-Mart into videotaping and recording all ammunition purchases, so that anyone who resists gun registration can be found out when they buy ammo.  Why would Walmarche go along with this?  Anonymous sources say, it was due to a promise to end their labor troubles.  Obama will call off the union demonstrations that have plagued Wal-Mart for several years.  The mafia does this kind of thing….create union troubles like they did on Black Friday, then dangle the solution, if the target goes along, to get along. 

Biden, Obama and White House staff have stated repeatedly that Obama will “act” via Executive Order, to disarm America.  The communist rat bastards promising to do this are using it as leverage, a way to get the NRA and law abiding citizens to accept the massive restrictions that will be levied, since they won’t completely ban guns.  A communist bait and switch, designed to get most Americans to register their guns, so that in a few years, when the gun sweeps come, they know where to go get them.  If you register your guns, you are a fool.  If you wait to buy ammo, until this is implemented you are a bigger fool.  And, if you allow the Constitution to be amended with an EO, not a Constitutional Amendment, you are no longer an American, you are an Amerikan, a tool of the new regime. 

President Lincoln once said, “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it.”  President Kennedy said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”.  Two of the best known Presidents in American history have offered we the people a bipartisan solution to tyranny, to the actions of a government that has been taken over by communist forces from within and without.  Keep your powder dry as our own government pushes the American people into a position of having to decide to become slaves, or obtain a shooting solution, in order to be free. 

The National Defense Authorization Act, also called NDAA, allows President Obama to lock any dissenter up, in prison, with no access to courts, no hearings, no right of habeas corpus, and no trial.  One cannot sue to halt this illegal act until you have standing, you cannot have standing until you are being detained and once detained, you have no access to courts….it is the perfect tyrannical circle.  I bring this up, as it is time for me to move again, before they find me.  I will not be tortured again….I know, Obama says we no longer do torture and he is right…it is now called “Extraordinary Rendition” and it is contracted out to foreign governments and private contractors, kind of like the fifteen thousand fighting forces left in Iraq, making approximately $100,000.00 a month, each, instead of our military, at a much more cost effective rate.  But, I digress…my field reports may become more sporadic as I take to the avenues, following up on leads, staying free and avoiding capture.  We are in a perilous time my friends and it is up to each of us to do what we can to stay free, to ensure the country stays free and to avoid the traps and trappings of tyranny.

Hugo Stiglitz – A Free American, Helping Americans Stay Free

They that plow inequity and sow wickedness shall reap the same

8 Jan

Is the GOP using you?  Do you believe in the GOP as a party of liberty and freedom?  Actions are worth more than words.  Liberty is not an idea, it is the only idea, it is a state of being that should it not exist, results in a loss of all natural rights.  One cannot be free if one is under the thumb of a tyrant.  The GOP has demonstrated that it is not a party of liberty, that it has more in common with the Democrats than it has with its own party platform.  The GOP is the statist, corporate arm of a Marxist party in America.  The Democrat Party is the statist, big government arm of a Marxist party in America.  It is time to realize the illusion of freedom is just that, an illusion.  Ladies and gentlemen, it isn’t a conspiracy theory if it is real.

The GOP opposed Ronald Reagan and pushed his opponent in the primaries.  Why?  Because the greatest President ever was not a party tool and did not speak the party line.  Ronald “Maximus” Reagan was a man of honor.  The party tools controlling the GOP and RNC have a history of opposing liberty:

*  George W. Bush spent money like the left, and continuously raised the debt ceiling.  The GOP controlled Congress did nothing to slow his spending and once the Dems took over Congress, Bush went wild his last two years, like a coke addict in a Columbian drug den.

*  For the Presidential primaries, the past two elections, the GOP trotted out unelectable candidates and those that were electable and spoke about liberty, were either frozen out of the debates or marginalized and made to appear loony.

*  The GOP didn’t support or help Michelle Bachmann in her re-election bid, because she dared speak the truth during the debates, while standing up to the “Boys Club” in the party.

*  The GOP did not support or endorse Rand Paul and went out of their way to ensure he faced a tough primary with minimal help during the general election.

*  The party of conservatives endorsed, supported and did their best to get Charlie Crist (now a Democrat) the GOP nomination in Florida, instead of Marco Rubio.

*  In Idaho, the GOP pushed a McCain RINO named Vaughn Ward over Raul Labrador, a solid conservative with a proven record in the Idaho Senate.

Has the GOP impeached Obama for his numerous Constitutional and criminal offenses?  No.  They have made all the right noise about Fast and Furious, Benghazigate and so many other issues, but no one has taken action.  They should not be judged by their words, judge them by their actions.  With the Democrats and the Republicans, believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

The fiscal cliff was a creation of both parties over the past three years.  Extending tax breaks, extending the payroll tax break, shorting Social Security and Medicare must needed funds, and through the use of a “Super Committee” in violation of the Constitution, that led to sequestration, which is what both parties wanted, led to the alleged fiscal cliff.  As part of the collaboration with the Marxists in the other party, the GOP keeps raising the debt ceiling and made a grand bargain with the left, accepting nothing in the negotiation but giving a forty one dollar to one dollar ratio of tax increases to spending cuts.  The Republican party violated its principles and gave in to tax increases, not tax cuts, despite historical data showing that tax increases slow economies.  Has the Marxist controlled Senate produced a budget in four years?  No.  Despite the Constitutional/legal violation(s), the GOP has done nothing to force Dingy Harry Reid to obey the law.  After trading away their sacred honor in exchange for magic beans and a can of spray tan for Boehner, the GOP is not saying they will hold the line at the debt ceiling and not increase it unless they get spending cuts.  I do not know how your household works, but getting an increase on my credit cards and then spending more, but not as much, as fast as before, is still spending more.  Both parties use the Hegelian Dialect to get you to go along with their illusion of freedom.  In the immortal words of Vanilla Ice, “Stop.  Collaborate and listen”.  The Hegelian Dialect is a Marxist tool to get you to go along with the wishes of the government, by programing you to do what they want.  Yes, this is a deliberate action and it has been going on for years, as part of a grand plan (it isn’t a conspiracy when it is true).   Get the free book, “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” and see for yourself.  This book was published forty three years ago and it talks about the use of the words “Hope” and “Change”, as well as other elements of the Hegelian Dialect.

I know it is hard to wrap your mind around, but facts are troubling things.  Hearing that your world is not as it appears is hard for some people to fathom…face it, finding out that life is a lie, that the government and both parties have been lying to you from birth, structuring a false reality for you to base your life upon and then steering you towards your own doom, in, well, troubling.  Every time I publish an article addressing this, three things happen:

*  I get hateful email and comments from people who have had their reality challenged.  Don’t be that person.  Take a deep breath, get centered and accept it.

*  People ignore it because Dancing With The Stars is on….oh look, a squirrel.

*  The FBI comes to visit, demanding to know why I am writing such things, only to leave without me or having had a conversation with me.  Why?  Because they cannot prosecute me for telling the truth, at least not yet, as the Constitution hasn’t been completely eliminated.

My fellow Americans, lest you desire to be called “Comrades” it is time to make a stand.  We cannot wait, hoping the GOP will do the right thing, as they have a proven track record of urinating on our heads and telling us it is raining.  The character, Fox Muldaur, an FBI agent from X-Files had it right when he said, “Trust no one”; we are in dark days and what once seemed impossible is now a reality.  Did you ever think the biggest threat to liberty would come from the White House and both political parties?  I certainly didn’t, but now, looking back, adding it all up, it is obvious and it is earth shattering.  “The question is not how far. The question is, do you possess the constitution, the depth of faith, to go as far is as needed?”, said the character IL duce, in Boondock Saints.  Do you have the depth of faith to go as far as is needed?

Hugo Stiglitz – Escapee From A CIA Secret Prison

When You Have Nothing To Lose, You Have Everything To Gain

1 Jan

Happy New Year. 

Now that we have that out of the way, what the hell do you plan on doing about what is going on in the United States of America?  Congress and Barack Obama spend four years creating the fiscal cliff through massive spending (all without a budget in the Democrat controlled Senate), massive increases in the debt limit and no way to track where the money has gone (a truly bipartisan screwing of the American people) and the American people do nothing.  In what was an obviously fixed election, the networks, all day long, showed long lines and reported on the massive turnout.  However, once the election was called for Obama, the narrative became the smaller turnout and apathy.  Despite this tale of two narratives, the people did nothing (well, they whined, but they didn’t take action).  Obamacare brought America the largest single tax hike in history; one trillion dollars divided among every taxpayer in America and no one did anything besides complain.  Now, in a bipartisan effort to ensure Agenda 21 can be implemented with little or no trouble, both parties are going to take your guns, with legislation.  The Second Amendment cannot be changed via legislation, it must be amended, but no one is doing anything.  Biden says ‘gun enthusiasts are mentally ill’, while Feinstein says that the government will decide if you can have a gun, but mental illness will preclude you from owning a gun.  A blatant catch 22 is being established and aside from some whining, no one is doing anything. 

The founders of this great nation resisted higher taxes, with words, deeds and disobedience.  But, when the British came for their guns, the people of the new world chose to make a stand, recognizing that an unarmed person is not free, he or she is a slave.  This is it my fellow Americans, this is your chance to leave a legacy of tyranny to your children, your grandchildren and generations to come after that, or a legacy of liberty and freedom.  We must call, write, fax and email our Congress critters and let them know that they must follow the Constitution.  We can defeat them simply by doing this and they know it, which is why they are hoping we will lay down if they pass a law.  If the government, which governs with the consent of the people, fails to do this by the rule of law and instead passes a bill and demands we disarm, a decision must be made…lie down or stand up.  If you lay down, you will keep your life, but will you truly live?  There is a reason why “Give me liberty or give me death” is such a popular saying, for you cannot truly be alive without liberty.  If you stand up, you may lose your life, but it isn’t a life worth living without liberty. 

I refuse to leave a legacy of cowardice, failure and tyranny to my family and fellow Americans.  I would hope that there are more people like me, who, when backed into a corner will rip the tits off of tyranny and stand to the bitter end, be it death in the name of liberty or victory and freedom.  When you have nothing to lose, you have everything to gain.

Hugo Stiglitz – Angry, Gun Toting, Meat Eating, American

Anonymous Sources Say…

30 Dec

Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see

Should conservative, libertarian or pro Constitution people disappear, suddenly be accused of horrendous acts, such as assaulting or killing others, or be found in bed with a dead woman or live boy, know that they didn’t suddenly change, they were targeted by the government for their outspoken ways.  Our out spoken leaders will be made to disappear or be tainted by scandal(s) completely fabricated, to discredit them.  

It isn’t 1984, but the Orwellian empire from the book, 1984 has descended upon America.

Hugo Stiglitz – A Wanted Man 

January 30th, 2013, Where Were You?

28 Dec

January 30th, 2013, there was a riot on the streets, where were you?  Were you sitting on your couch, watching the TV while I participated in retaining my Second Amendment liberty?* 

Senator Feinstein is introducing legislation to halt the sale of certain firearms, demand the registration of others, finger printing of current gun owners and background checks for them.  This legislation will also allow the government to confiscate your guns if you are deemed a threat.  Aside from being a blatant gun grab by the federal government, this is a blatant violation of her oath of office. 

Senator Feinstein, aside from advocating guns for herself, making her a blatant hypocrite, is also seditious and in violation of her oath of office.  Feinstein swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  This oath includes her as an enemy of the Constitution.  Legislation cannot amend, supersede or bypass the Constitution.  There is a process in place, if Senator Feinstein and her puppet master, Barack Obama, want to take guns away from the people in America, amend the Constitution.  A joint resolution between the House of Representatives and the Senate, that passes by a “super majority” of two thirds bypasses the President and goes to the states for ratification.  It takes three fourths of state legislatures to approve this resolution before it becomes an amendment.  A seven year window exists for this process to occur.  But, the Progressive/Communist agenda of taking over America under President Obama, does not have that kind of time, hence the rush to push legislation through, create a false flag event and justify a joint military, law enforcement, UN seizure of all the weapons in America.  Face it, Feinstein and Obama are no dummies, they know the process and are willing to circumvent it in order to fulfill what they see as their manifest destiny, a communist America. 

The gun grab that is on the horizon has nothing to do with gun control and everything to do with control.  Feinstein, Obama, et., al, know that they must disarm Americans before 2014 and all of Obamacare kicks in and the economy completely collapses.  Allegedly the federal government is putting the finishing touches on a massive bunker/command structure under the Denver airport.  It is alleged that this structure is designed to resist an insurrection by “we the people”, protecting select players, while the leadership are in a NORAD bunker under Pikes Peak.  The art at this airport/bunker system includes a Jihadist type character, armed, with animals and children being killed, burned alive and in caskets.  The imagery is disturbing and alarming.  Like every communist regime before this one, the elite, the select few, are to be sheltered while the death panels, food shortages and societal collapse, eliminate the weak from society, and those that survive, will face death, or re-education through work camps.  Slavery never went away and Comrade Barack insists upon creating a mirror to the Chinese model of corporate communism, where slavery thrives through corporate and government run work camps. 

An anonymous source has informed the Hugo Stiglitz Innocence Project that Feinstein is just part of the plan.  Our anonymous source, who has been very reliable in the past, indicates that the federal government will, allegedly, create a false flag event, to both justify the confiscation of firearms, but not until violent civil war is created, making it look as if conservatives and the NRA were responsible for the action, causing the left to lash out, which will result in the conservatives fighting back.  America has been taken over by the communist party and they will now seek to collude with the media in order to have “we the people” eliminate one another, in a wide spread civil war, justifying government intervention, the taking of our weapons in return for peace, food and civility, under the new, tyrannical regime.  Will this come to be?  Who knows.  Is it a possibility?  Yes.  But, I have faith in the fact that everything the government does turns to crap, so this should too.

In the case that their plan fails to turn into molten excrement, Americans, each and every one of us, must decide:  Will you register and eventually turn in your guns, becoming a slave to tyrants or will you refuse to turn them in, secure them where they can’t be found, but where you have immediate access to them and plot to take back your liberties?  It appears that the future of America has fallen to us.  What will you do, comrade?

Hugo Stiglitz – Ripping The Tits Off Of Tyranny

Facebook & Twitter Are Not Activism

28 Dec

Facebook. Twitter. A host of social networking, social media sites exist, some more involved than others, each with a niche. Facebook, the Farmville of social media allows you to pretend to do something when you are actually accomplishing nothing more than socializing without having to be bothered with silly ass people. Who needs them spilling beer on the sofa anyway? Then there is Twitter, a fast paced, highly interactive and often vulgar way to interact with people without having to be around people. For the agoraphobic, the social media explosion must be a blessing, for the rest of us, it is a black hole for time, where once spent, it is gone forever and can never be replaced. Having a black hole for time, around the house, is handy, it keeps you from having to do things like spend time with the kids, play ball with the dog, go to church or fishing with your buddies. Besides, who wants to go to church when no one will be tending your farm, your mafia family or worse yet, seeing what that irritating Alan Colmes has to say on some political subject? After all, you can reply to Mr. Colmes on Twitter and tell your friends on Facebook what an activist you are. The only problem with this entire scenario is that the activists on social media aren’t activists.

If you blog, tweet or post on Facebook and consider yourself to be an activist, you are not part of the solution to whatever problem you want to solve, you are part of the problem. Online activism has replaced complaining about social or political issues face to face, where you might actually get punched in the face for some of the things you say online. Yet, these new media activists can lie to themselves, family, friends and each other about how they are “making a difference”. The only difference you are making is some poor kid in Malaysia, putting together your footwear has been laid off because you aren’t buying shoes as often and no one is ringing my door bell, pissing me off as I write this, with Facebook and Twitter humming away in the background. Aha! A hypocrite you exclaim in that smug, “gotcha” tone. Except, aside from pissing and moaning in this rant, I actually run an activist group and loathe what social media has done to the American people. While Iranians are being killed for protesting the outcome of their last election, Americans are loudly, well, as loud as they can type, discussing the merits of being a birther and doggate. The humanity of it all. I am sure that this next paragraph will anger those I haven’t already sent into a rage on Twitter or their Facebook wall.

Pissing and moaning online is not activism. Shocking. I know. But, if you believe the lies you tell others about your activism, you are, well, like most of America, a keyboard warrior, a coward, lazy, resigned to failure and tyranny, generally a douche bag of epic proportions (no offense to actual bags of douche). What is activism? Activism is community organizing (No. Not helping pimps get a home loan, to run a brothel). Activism is actually organizing your state, county, city, neighborhood or block, in a call to action. It involves an organizational structure, no matter how informal and it involves interacting with people, real people, in real time, face to face. Activism involves risk. Activism involves courage. Activism requires gravitas.

Unlike someone who complains online, activism requires that you know your subject matter, know what it is you want to change, and then recruiting people in order to facilitate that change. Odds are, along the way, you will meet with indifference or conflict, while knocking on doors, talking with people and establishing a network of people in the area, so that you can make change. Those social skills you have been ignoring online come in handy. When someone vehemently disagrees with you and wants to punch you in the face, there is no “Block” option, aside from wax on/wax off and your verbal skills. Activism takes character as it involves risk.

We are all born activists. Every single one of us was once an activist. As a kid, you actively engaged mom, dad, or both, to get something you wanted. You didn’t take no for an answer. You were persistent. You armed yourself with information and despite the rejection you faced, you persisted over the resistance. I got my bb gun by being an activist, or as my father called it a “PITA” (Pain in the Ass). After securing him as an asset in my quest, I continued to work on mom, with his help. The strength of any community organizer is not in how many people agree with him or her, but if they can get them to act, to change the outcome of what they are working on. I did. I got my bb gun. I didn’t shoot my eye out (although there were some kids in the neighborhood who came close to needing an eye patch in the ever present bb gun wars). The lesson here is this: We are all born community organizers, until our parents beat it out of us, or the schools break our wills. Some of us never could be broken.

America, the choice is yours. You can be a keyboard warrior, a coward, and stay on the sidelines, or you can get in the game and actually make a difference, by becoming a community activist again. As a child you had no trouble being an activist and if you let that free spirit return, you can make a difference in America. Activism is not for the left and it is more than hiding behind a keyboard. When your children and grandchildren are knitting prayer rugs, will you tell them you did all you could online (And, yes, that was back when you could still leave the house alone) or will you keep them from growing up under tyranny and oppression? I choose freedom.

Hugo Stiglitz – Putting A Fist In The Face Of Tyranny

Crush The Assault Media: Live Free In America

22 Dec

The United States of America is under attack.  The Progressives seek to turn back the clock on our great nation.  The communist/socialist menace has taken control of our government.  There is no longer a difference between the Democrats and Republicans, they have merged into one party, with the same agenda, big government and tyranny.  The main stream media has become the State Run Media.  But, the one thing I did not expect to see is here and it is the worst thing that could happen to America, the people have become self-indulgent, self-entitled, whiney, worms who feel as if they can impose their will upon others.  The tyranny of the majority has replaced personal freedom and responsibility.

History has taught us that civilization in North America, particularly the United States of America (USA), has developed technology that is far superior to what society relied upon centuries ago.  But, the Progressives have shown that they are really “regressive” in that they seek to return to wind and solar power.  The failure of wind and solar power is simply the failure of nature, clouds and still air led to the development of other energy sources.  To this day, the government must fund/sponsor wind and solar companies, despite their continued failure, because the free market will not support them.  If you are ineffective, you get left upon the ash heap of history, unless of course there are Progressives in office willing to steal money from working people to fund their regressive, utopian dreams of slaughtered birds and the shimmering acres of solar panels required to run an Xbox, television and cell phone charger.  It is time to flog the Progressives for their failure, destruction and thefts of liberty in America.

The Soviet Union said that they would take over America without firing a shot, without war, without the use of nuclear weapons, and it appears that they were right.  Despite the fall of the USSR, communism in Russia and China are just as strong as ever.  Through the Progressive movement and our Constitution being used against us, there are over seventy socialist/communist/Marxist tools in Congress, directing the course the USA takes and seizing liberty as fast as they can.  The redistributionist agenda is designed to eliminate the middle class, leaving just the elite and everybody else.  Nationalizing the auto industry, the finance industry and healthcare are all tools of Marxism.  The auto industry bailouts are rewards to the unions (who will be dismantled once the transformation of America is complete).  The Dodd/Frank Bill is a takeover of the financial industry, designed to crush the poor and middle class, doing away with free checking and driving up the cost of goods and services through increased fees.  Mother Russia must be proud to see that their efforts are working so well.

The Democrat party and Republican party are now just two wings of the Big Government Party.  The left wants a big government, cradle to grave society and the GOP wants a big government corporate run society.  I vote for neither.  I choose liberty.  A third party is what is needed, but there is no time for that, as tyranny is moving at the speed of smell and it stinks.  Those seeking liberty must rally together and take over the GOP, as it is the party that supports more freedom than the other.  It is also the party that libertarian minded people have had the biggest success in taking over.  If you believe the government should leave you alone, you are needed in the GOP, as precinct leaders, Central Committee Chairman, and state leaders, eventually running the RINO/Progressive/Socialist old guard from the party.  The Constitution is the beacon of freedom and the GOP is the vessel to get us back there, if we just seize the wheel and right the ship.

The mainstream media, including the much loathed and maligned Fox News, has become the state run media, carrying the torch for Progressive causes and the Obama agenda, including the push for gun control.  Media puppets, such as Piers Morgan and others, are water carriers for Barack Obama and his anti-gun movement, among other things.  The media no longer reports the news, they present the elites philosophy and try to impart their audience with what to think and how to feel regarding issues.  Facts, who needs them?  Every story has a slant, has an agenda and tells you only the things the government and media want you to have.  The print media succumbed to communism a long time ago, just look at the headlines from the New York Times prior to World War II. 

Despite all the challenges to liberty that America has faced, I never imagined the largest threat to liberty would be from the American people.  The self-entitled weasels, who are convinced that despite paying most of the taxes, most of the expenses in America, the wealthy should pay more, so that they can continue to drain the economy, are a disgusting group of failures.  They fail, because they do not try, and lacking in personal integrity they won’t.  Their battle cry is, “the rich should pay their fair share”, even though they pay ninety percent of taxes now.  When talk of a flat tax is begun, they whine, cry, snivel and say it isn’t fair.  A flat tax is as fair as it gets, for everyone.  But, remember, the self-entitled feel they shouldn’t pay a dime.  The tyranny of the vocal has replaced the rule of law (see the Trayvon Martin shooting).  They tyranny of the majority has replaced the Constitution (see the attack upon the Second Amendment).  There is a better way.

Standing up to the Progressives and their regulations that are smoothing liberty, the economy and the American people is a must.  Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals work both ways; it is time that all affected Americans clog the courts with lawsuits against the EPA, seeking injunctions pending trial.  Resist tyranny by violating the rules, and simply living free.  Good citizens make tyranny possible; bad citizens allow liberty to flourish.

Taking over the GOP is something that is occurring, but not fast enough.  More Americans need to get off of their posteriors and get involved in their local GOP.  Do some recon and determine who is a RINO, who is a conservative and who the libertarians are.  It is time the conservatives and libertarians combine forces against a common enemy, the progressive RINO’s that make up the party power structure.  You are either part of the problem or you are part of the solution.  Be the solution. 

The state run media are advocating taxing the wealthy, not cutting spending, not reforming Social Security and Medicare, and are now pushing Obama’s attempt to disarm the American people.  It is time that freedom loving Americans push back against the industrial media complex.  The media wants to ignore the Constitution and limit the Second Amendment, either by legislation or Executive Order, not through the rule of law.  The only way to change the Constitution is by amendment.  If the Second Amendment can be brought under fire, it is time to turn the tables on the media and demand that there be no editorial pages in the paper and no editorial or opinion shows or people on television news or news type shows.  The argument being that the news should be just that, news, void of fact or opinion.  The Assault Media needs to feel some heat; if one amendment is not safe, none of them are.  Free press? Sure, we just need to limit it as words hurt.  After all, stopping the Assault Media is for the children, to keep them from incorrect messages, that assault their senses, confuse them and cause turmoil within their heads and hearts.  We are compassionate, caring and if the Assault Media is too, they will understand and go along with these suggestions without us having to make a legislative impact.  Never mind the “go along to get along” attitude that has allowed the tyrants to run amok, it is time to take the fight to the left.

The tyranny of the vocal and the tyranny of the majority must be stopped.  Liberty loving people can stand up and be vocal, be heard, flooding public meetings, demonstrating (yes, protesting, just like the left, but with class), flooding the editorial pages and elected officials offices with letters.  As for the tyranny of the majority, this requires demanding adherence to the Constitution and constantly informing the left that we are a Republic, not a democracy. 

To live free, be free and leave a legacy of liberty to generations to come, we either act now, in a civilized manner, we act now in a revolutionary manner, or we cease being a free people.  The path forward to liberty, from the advancing shadow of tyranny can be achieved without violence, but that requires freedom loving Americans put down the remote and get in the mix.  Politics is a contact sport.  You either make the contacts, crush the RINO’s and take back America, or you can count on all contact being revolutionary, not political.  And, if contact fails on both counts, tyranny wins and you leave a legacy of failure, but, at least you did all you could.  Choosing to do nothing, keeping your head in the sand, is a choice and you will be judged by history and by God, for what you do.  The power, the real power, lies in your hands.  What will you do?

Hugo Stiglitz – Put A Fist In The Face Of Tyranny